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I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.


100 Things About Me:

1. My name is Christine Allen
2. I live in Northern Virginia
3. I work in Washington, DC and surrounding area
4. I am an Electronic Court Reporter
5. I live with a wonderful man with whom I was in a wonderful relationship with, but is just my best friend and I am leaving him because it is the right thing to do.
6. I was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome.
7. Due to ABS I had my left hip replaced when I was 27.
8. Best Orthopedist: Dr. Brian Evans, Georgetown University Hospital.
9. I was born on Friday the 13th.
10. I am an Aries.
11. Most of my friends are Leos and Aries.
12. I loved Jan Michael Vincent as a child.
13. My spelling sucks.
14. Pool, pole, pull all sound the same to me
15. Ask me to say "oil" after I've had a few
16. I love red beets with cottage cheese
17. I love cabbage
18. I have become my mother
19. My mom is a truck driver
20. My mom will kick my ass if I ever get out of line (even now)
21. She is tiny but is strong
22. I am the youngest
23. My sister is my best friend
24. My mom, sister and I sound the same on the phone. It makes our SOs crazy.
25. We laugh the same
26. We know when one of us needs the other to call them and we do
27. I know who is on the phone when the phone rings, without caller ID
28. I am a people person
29. There is something about me that makes people tell me everything about them, I draw people out
30. Animals love me
31. I dislike birds as pets. They creep me out.
32. My cat Max had to be put down this year.
33. My sister and I raised sheep as kids for Christmas money
34. I attended Milton Hershey School
35. I milked cows there
36. My mother is one of 14 kids
37. My dad is an ass
38. I've had migraines since I was a little kid
39. I don't believe every woman out there needs to take the Pill and not for ethical reasons either. Messing with hormones is just bad, Mm-kay.
40. I was sprinkled a Methodist as a child, but don't attend church
41. I look like my maternal Grandmother
42. She passed away when I was a little kid, and since then she's been in my dreams -- in the background dressed as a cop. Crazy.
43. I love to weave
44. I love my loom
45. I love to spin
46. My spinning wheel is not as fun as my loom
47. I think I like drop spindles more
48. I can live off of the land
49. People come to me to solve problems
50. I am chubby and started to kickbox which is friggin' great!
51. So what. I just want to be healthy and totally don't believe in the BMI - still true.
52. Our culture is built on placing people into categories and giving them labels, hence the BMI - so true. Stupid health insurance industry.
53. I don't fit these categories and never will.
54. I offend people usually because people are wound too tightly for their own stinking good
55. I like being deformed, I wouldn't be me if I weren't
56. I dig Eddie Izzard
57. I love change, but tend not to like doing new things. Yeah... I haven't figured that one out either. Especially now that I am moving out.
58. I don't go to the movies -- unless it's a cartoon or clay-mation.
59. I love Wallace and Grommit
60. I don't go to the movies because the scripts are bad and I totally just refuse to pay for Hollowood's lifestyle
61. (deleted)
62. I'm a comma splicer, probably by birth
63. I have a huge family and probably am related to somebody you know
64. I don't know/remember all of my cousins names
65. As far as I know, only my sister and I have graduated from a four year college, education is not highly valued in the family
66. Too many of my relatives know what a prison system is like first hand
67. Abortion should be legal, but it isn't for everybody -- I respect that it is a personal decision and my tax dollars shouldn't be making those decisions.
68. I routinely smile and flip off W and Cheney when they drive by in DC - wow, it has been awhile since I changed these. Now I'm flipping off Obama for actually leaving the White House and boogering up traffic.
69. Clinton may not have been able to keep his pants on, but at least he wasn't a greedy fuck
70. He was too busy with girls who didn't wash their clothes, eeew
71. I hate greedy people
72. This coming from a selfish girl, so it must mean something
73. All of my friends are hatching children, I'm not sure I want to be a mother. My child would be warped. (Or I would drop it one its head)
74. I'm packed and ready to move but need to find a place to live where I can feel safe
75. I dig Brit Coms
76. I dislike most American network programming ...dumb, dumb, dumb....
77. Okay. I do like the Simpsons and Family Guy and Cartoon Network
78. I loved Amsterdam
79. I didn't go there for the pot or the Red Light District
80. Van Gogh, people, and Hieronymus Bosch are my favorite painters, hence the trip to Amsterdam
81. I dislike organized religion, I haven't been impressed with their need to fatten their bottom lines
82. Tom Cruise fell off the turnip truck and then was stepped on by a cow
83. I make fun of the people outside the entrance of the Washington DC Scientology Center "What? You going in for a massage??" During the summer they set up tents in the park at Farragut Square in DC and give "free" massages while you learn about who they are. Creepy......
84. Some days I'm not nice and that's okay, you don't have to like me
85. For what I have been through in my life I'm quite adjusted
86. I can cope, most people can't. I remain cool in really, really bad situations
87. I've started with a Personal Trainer named Alfred in order to grease up my joints - he sucked and wasn't listening to me, so now I'm kickboxing.
88. Jerome the Man Candy now has to listen to me whine.
89. I'm going to have to have my right hip replaced one day and I want to keep the new one in order
90. I don't like that idea too much, but the morphine was nice (I think)
91. I have a very high tolerance for pain, I think it's related to the migraines
92. I respect myself
93. I wish we could have sheep in the yard, but the local government wouldn't dig that and the House Man doesn't think I could get away with pretending that it's a sheep "dog"
94. I hate washing dishes and The Man rewashes them anyway so I've stopped washing them.
95. I like to mow the lawn, so I do that instead
96. I loved my truck, it was a standard V8, 2004 Dodge Quad Cab. I now own a clown car. I've named it Bongo.
97. I drive very well and have a great sense of direction but manage to freak passengers out a bit
98. I love all music except for modern country. I don't care that you have a tear in your beer, go blow your nose and get a life.
99. I can't dance, Molly Ringwald is a better dancer than I am.
100. I love to take naps.


knitting, spinning, weaving, decorating cakes, ranting