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October 12, 2005



I think that most crafting magazines bang out their stuff so quickly that they do not have time to have someone test it for errors. I was trying a pattern for a sweater and after frogging the dang thing six (am I ever persistant) times, I found the corrections on their webpage. Of course, by this time, I am so disgusted that I plopped the whole mess into a bag and now my cats sleep on top of it.


Hey Woman,

Was just going to reply to your email but thought I would hop on the 'trendy' bandwagon and post this on your blog. So hello to everyone who's probably going to be reading this! And just beware - I don't knit, sew, weave or anything like that. Just along for the ride! Also, please excuse my spelling - I'm a victim of phonex and this thing doesn't seem to have spell check.

So, checked out your little fun site here - good work! LOVE the section dedicated to the boys of course. And way to give props to the bf for being such a good man. Really people, this was a HUGE thing! He's been in that room for years and pretty much volunteered to give up his 'fortress of solitude' for a smaller model. Like I said, good man.

As for the 'call'. Yes, I was up in Philly on Monday getting a tour of the lab. The space is enormous and everyone was way too darn nice for words. However, I didn't see any of my furry friends, so I'm of course taking it all with a grain of salt. I have another interview on Wednesday that's local. So who knows, I just may stay put or even **gasp!** move closer to you. I'll of course give you a call to elaborate once I find out what the heck is going on with everything.

OK then, I should get back to it. Hope that all is well, and to all the crafty fabicy people out there who are reading this and thinking to themselves 'what the hell?', thanks for being patient. Just let it be known that the author of this site has quite a diverse circle of friends!


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