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October 23, 2006



Welcome back! It sounds like you had a FAB-BU time and I'm thrilled to hear it!! We will have to catch up so you can tell me all about it...


Yeah, that couple minutes to chat just wasn't enough! Perhaps we need a blogger bingo meetup the day before the festival starts!! But it's definitley nice to be able to connect faces with blogs now. Glad you enjoyed seeing the scarf.


I was a little bummed too, that I was only able to chat with poeople for a minute or two. It was nice to meet you though!
Next time we should plan to eat lunch together or something.

Warrior Knitter

Hello. I found your blog today. The STR that you wound by hand because you couldn't wait, is the colorway Seal Rock? I've knit a pair of socks in the Seal Rock colorway that looks like your yarn.

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