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March 23, 2007



Amen. I was in LB yesterday too and saw women (some of whom worked there) in things they shouldn't have been in. Pegged jeans in a size 20 work on almost no one, even if they are in style. My butt is wide too -- wider at the bottom (bells) works better for me.

Felted bowls. Hmmm


I often look at what some people are wearing and wonder if they looked in a mirror before they bought. Or if they had a mirror at home. I know that I often look slightly untidy, but I think that I can justify it because I have 4 kids at home, and at work I am often crawling under looms or dealing with dyes. No white blouses or spike heels for me! Having said that, no on ever has any idea what colour my underwear are. Some sales people should be shot! Or at least made to wear the horrid clothes that they sell to some people.


Not exactly bright blindly trusting the opinion of someone who is trying to *sell* something. Just sayin'. Love the bowls! They are too cute!

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