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April 17, 2007



Come any time and test or taste the moonshine, beer made from sap (and regular recipes as well...lots'o beer 'round here). We're in NE PA. I see your sister is in PA too, so there is no excuse not to visit.
I'm glad you're feeling better, the party went well and the recipe worked.


Hey, I washed all of those potatoes... Your cake looked good! I am glad you are feeling better!


Glad that you had a good time at your party! The cake looks totally yummy! No wonder people went backs for seconds


Don't you know the way to do S&W is to go early and leave before the worst of the crowd gets there?

I'm going with Heidi on Saturday morning, so you might think about joining us for a quick romp.


agent deviant

potatoes! i love potatoes. and the presentation, so professional.

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