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June 23, 2007



Yup. I find a lot of ways to avoid house cleaning. Procrastination is so much fun!
And concords make great jelly! It is really easy once you get past the fear of screwing up jelly. Save a few pounds for your self and follow the instructions on the Certo pack. You will be rolling in wonderful grape jelly all winter. A great thing if you LIKE grape jelly. We do and so I have been hoarding our last few jars seeing as the friend with the grape vine sold her house in December and my great grape bounty has now dried up. Unless.....I can make friends with the new owner.


So is the blue jay a blur across the top of the screen when you pan over the veggie garden? And is that a faint snicker I hear from you on the video? I think I gotta figure out how to embed video. I'd love to get some of CC on my blog.

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