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September 09, 2007



Lucky you have a regular mail man. I think that we haven't had a regular one for about three years now. Sometimes the mail comes at 11 am (rarely) sometimes it comes at 3, and sometimes it comes at 6 pm + . When the kids were little it came at 11 am sharp. I could almost set my clock to it. Thank heavens because I was just about crazy from cabin fever and the mail delivery was something that I looked forward to every day, Even if it was just flyers. Contact from the adult world was a precious thing indeed.


WTF? Why haven't you sent me pretty cookies and cakes? I esp. love cupcakes. And I need your friend's recipe for Molten Butterscotch cake. I need some. Chrissssssy! SEND COOKIES! They don't even have to be pretty!!! I can send you gay porn in exchange (I get free dvds at work) and I make killer cd mixes! Wow, this must make you especially glad you got back in touch with me. COOKIES!


Sheri, where in the world do you work???

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