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January 03, 2008



Hmmm. How very strange. Dreams are so very interesting, and interpreting them can be even more interesting. I like the whole snake shedding it's skin as a signal that it is time to change something. Works for me. Makes sense to me too. Good luck picking which out dated skin to shed!


Seems like the snake is your transformation that will come. An old part of you is left behind (the snake skins and the head) and the new part is moving on. The bear is gone in your dream, you haven't seen it but you know it was there. Could that be the fact that some of that chaos is gone? Things are going to calm down as you come into your new self? I don't know anything about dream interpretation but I know your dream gave me chills for some reason.


Isn't it amazing what our mind comes up "with without our help"... Or perhaps it's in spite of our help? It too have had dreams (which recur) at what turned out to be turning points in my life. Their meaning became clear as time passed. Apparently I was more aware of what was going on at the subconscious level than at the (so called) conscious level.
Enjoy the dream...enjoy the journey!


My anaconda don't want some unless you got buns, hun!

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