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January 10, 2008



I have a bunch of plastic containers and I love them. BUt they are not the huge ones. They are about 18"x12"x8" and have white lids and clear sides so that I sort of see what is inside them. Right now they sit on my closet floor (I have space issues too, but we won't talk about that) But I have visions of them on shelves where I can see them. Some are sorted according to yarn type, ie, all my silk in one (wish it was more) and chenille in another. Some are more project based, like " I think that these yarns would make a really nice scarf". I think that the problem with plastic containers comes when you use the HUGE ones. They are like a deep freeze. No knowing what lurks at the bottom of those puppies after a while.


I believe you had an epiphany! I think we hold onto stuff to make up for the stuff we had to give up every time we moved.

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