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February 18, 2008



I think that I am putting in a request to come back as one of your cats too! That is too funny, ( we spent years trying to keep the cat off the bed - allergies) but in a good way.


Thats funny ours aren't that fond of our bed. I think because if they get near Chris' feet he kicks out in his sleep (not meaning too! just accidentally) so they stay away at night. They have hammocks under the bed though. They like those alot.

One other thing we have is a stupid cardinal that constantly runs into the upper windows on our house. Flies full force into it. Good thing he's a bit little because he's done it about 15 or 20 times that we know of in the last month, but obviously since we at work all day most days we've probably missed a few.


Kitty capers are so much fun! My kids are allergic to cats (asthma type reactions) though so all I can offer is my garage for shelter, good food and water and vet care. So I've taken in homeless cats because that way, my inadequate cat home is at least improving their lives. But I don't get to be as involved in their lives. Fun to see what other folks' cats do!

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