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February 10, 2008



Cleaning the shower? I'm afraid I listened to my mother, who said (once), "There is always something more worth doing than housework." Spend the money on fiber or chocolate - something that lasts, in other words!


Just buy it! If it doesn't work take it back and tell them it didn't do the job.


Don't know what kind of shower you have, but ours are ceramic tile. I clean them with a solution of white vinegar and borax (in the laundry section at the grocer)...about 1/2 cup each in a bucket of hot water. It cleans the soap scum right off. If there are any corners or crevices with mildew, a couple scrubs with a bleach pen and I'm done.

I've tried the other chemicals in the past, but they didn't work as well, triggered my asthma, and damaged the finish on the tile.

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