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February 24, 2008



She IS looking good! A counter-balance, like mine! Except mine's a Purrington, not a LeClerc. As for those screw-eyes you asked about in your last post, are they on the back end of the treadles? If so, they're like mine - apparently, that's so you can run a tie-up cord directly down from the appropriate harness to the treadle. Depending on which harness you're tieing to, you might need the forwardmost screw-eye, or a middle one, or the back one.

Or the answer might be something else entirely - I'm a rank beginner at weaving!


Ok, I went back and embiggened the screw-eye photo - now I see the eyes you're talking about. Sorry, haven't a clue. Are there a matching set on the front floor beam? Maybe there were turnbuckles run between the front and back eyes to help keep the loom square?

Or we could go back to the "I don't know what I'm talking about" scenario...


Wow, the loom looks great! As to those screw eyes, I almost fell over when I read Marie's answer. They look like a trick that was suggested to me for easier tie-up. With the texsolv system, the treadle ties are poked through the hole in the treadle, and an anchor pin under the treadle secures them (hopefully you already know what I'm talking about because I don't think I'm making any sense!) With the eyes, the lamm to treadle cords can be attached to them instead of under the treadle. I have a friend in New Zealand who has her loom this way. Can't wait to see it dressed and weaving!

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