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March 11, 2008



Well, I missed the poll on this but having used both steel and texsolv I have to say that I'm ok with either. I agree with the others that the texsolv are harder to move along the shaft bars, which is a bother, but on the other hand I found them easier to thread and much quieter to weave with. I think they are probably preferred for a jack loom which needs their weight (?), but I can't recall where I read that.


This may be of interest
It should come up to the Leclerc page that sells heddles. You can click on the US Prices link at the bottom of the page for the prices. Leclerc's shipping within Canada is usually very good, but I don't know about to the US.

As for that space ship....MAybe if he had given it a better paint job the city wouldn't have pressured him to get rid of it!

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