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March 28, 2008



OK that sucks. I'm glad your getting coverage but geez... not cool of the insurance companies but cool of the customer service person. I'm so glad I'm covered through work.


Glad you got a real person. Sorry about the surcharge though. Yet another reason to be glad that I'm Canadian. BAsic medical care is covered. Extra stuff has to be covered by private insurance, which , thankfully we have.


You are who you are and be proud of it. Those table are thought up by some jerk trying to justify his/her salary for the insurance system to save money by not insurancing a great number of people. My husband and I are lucky enough to have insurance through the retired employees in our state, Pennsylvania and if we didn't I don't know what we would do. I am in favor of national health insurance with no extra surcharge because of weight. I'm so happy it all worked out for you!!!!


Yes, the health industry does suck. And, while working on the 'inside', it has sadly been beaten into me that the only thing we are to be concerned about is the almighty dollar due to the laws, regs, and the lack of funding we are provided. It of course makes me sick that the health care providers in this country have had to stoop to this; and I give thanks that I work for the outfit and thus am provided with excellent benefits. However, I am all too aware of what goes on with those folks who are not as fortunate as I. That being said, I would really like this Debra's number as I would like to, as a person who is all too familar with the industry, thank her for actually doing what we're supposed to in this buiness: HELP people! She is a rare breed and should be commended. And now, I should get back to earning my 'keep'...


I'm so sorry you've experienced this. Distinctly not right. But then, there is little about the insurance industry that is right. I think perhaps we were all better off when health care folks were in it for compassion and accepted chickens and eggs as well as cash. I'm glad you ended up with insurance and a decent human being to deal with.

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