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March 07, 2008



I would comment on it, but due to a lack of loom and weaving classes don't really know what a heddle does. Better safe then sorry, so I'll keep my mouth shut!


I have never woven with Texsolv heddles, but I have woven a lot with metal heddles (as you know). So I can say with great confidence, if you weave the kind of things I weave (generally between 16-48 epi, average 24 epi) in cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, tencel (not necessarily in that order), metal heddles work great. If you do rugs and tapestry or under 16 epi or over 50 epi, I can't speak. Does that help?:)

Catherine D.

I absolutely loathe Teksolv heddles because they're so nasty to move along the heddle bars. Give me flat steel any day! Your mileage may, of course, vary :)


I replaced the old wire heddles on my rug loom with inserted eye heddles and love them. I like to easily move the heddles and the Texsolv don't scoot along readily. Best deal I've found is through Leesburg Looms.


I have string heddles on my wee loom at home because I couldn't find any metal heddles ANYWHERE that would fit it. I like them fine enough, but I also made them a little loose so that they would scoot along on the heddle bars. Yes. I knotted all 500 of the little buggers because I HAD TO WEAVE! And if I was to weave, I had to get heddles on the only loom that would fit in my house. And seeing as I couldn't find any that would fit the loom, I had to make them. Having said that, I have used texsolve heddles on a loom at the school and I am not at all fond of them. Go for the metal ones.

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