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April 07, 2008



Often, I'll say "o.k. stay right here and I'll run there and get you a meal" or "come on let's go get a meal" if there is one in walking distance.


I think you did what you could. You didn't remember the 5 because maybe you don't normally have cash (I never do). You did look around for her once you remembered. There isn't a lot more you can do for that. You could have taken her inside and bought her some food to eat. Most targets have a cafe or a deli with sandwiches don't they?? That might be easier and then you know she's getting food with it and not something else. I love your idea about the food bank. I think thats a fabulous idea.


I've never been comfortable giving cash because I really don't know if it will go for food or for something like booze or drugs. So when I am approached, I take the person to the nearest restaurant and buy them a meal. Don't treat yourself too harshly over this - you answered what you believed to be true. And reminded me I need to give more to a food bank. I don't know what my future holds in terms of financial security, but right now, I can still help. Thanks for the reminder.

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