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April 04, 2008


Mr Man

Looks like "one of America's oldest apple processing companies" has branched out to processing apple-based products as well. They're an American-owned company that buys from China, just like Wal-Mart or any other retail chain.


truly scary. I often wonder about how much shit is in our food. In Canada, a product is allowed to say either "made in Canada" or "product of Canada" (can't remember which one) if 70%+ of it's production cost is from Canadian products. But seeing as the most expensive thing in most instances is packaging, manufactures can have a product that is mostly from other places like China and have it shipped bulk, packaged here, and still carry a proudly Canadian made label. Nasty.


I have several reports lately telling of the products brought in from other countries, most fresh fruits and vegetables that are unsafe mostly because of the insecticides and fertilizers that are used are band in the US. A lot of these chemicals used can not be washed off and very harmful. I am now only buying what's in season and what's grown either local, the US or Canada.
When I worked at a nursing home the chopped frozen onions were importated from Poland. Amazing when less than five miles from this nursing home is an onion plant that chopped and freezes onions.
Why aren't we buying what's producted locally so our fellow citizens have jobs?
Makes you wonder.

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