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May 17, 2008



Are you allowed to shoot a BB gun/pistol in your area?
You are much too busy!


The rose bush is lovely. I'm not so fond of the garden pests. We had a snake today. Three and a half or four feet long. Scared me silly even though I know its not poisonous. Dogs only just barely notice it and I got them inside fast with the flashlight. Chris is in Houston and I am seriously wishing he was home because he would know how to scare it off or get rid of it or something. I think we need to have the forest cleared a bit to get rid of them so this isn't such an appealing area.


I think that in order for the chicken wire to keep out the wee beasties it needs to cover the whole top so that they can't get in and dig.
That rose is amazing!
And nice "simple" scarf! You are a maniac woman!


The rose bush is pretty awesome. Your squirrel conversation reminds me of a recent rabbit coversation I had with Mom. Rabbit? Squirrel? You two sound mighty similiar.

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