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May 25, 2008



I agree with what you say. My other problem is that we spend our kids off to other countries "to help". When I ask my friends why, they routinely reply that their kids will learn about "other cultures". I ask them if they've ever been to West VA.


That's funny...that little table illustrates something that I thought was going on when I thought about the presidents for the last 30 years--the republicans (who claim to be fiscally conservative) consistently leave the US in a state where there's less tax money to go around. At least as measured by the % of GDP.

It's always nice to have your mental correlations verified by real data.


Oh my. Good on you to give your "stimulation" money away to those in need and not buy your self a new 67" TV, (or what ever size those blasted things come in) Good tip about the Charity Calculator!

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