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June 14, 2008



Wow. Tornado damage shocks the eyeballs. We rarely get that kind of weather here (last time was in a town just south of me, maybe 1990 or so), but once in a while get some swath cutting damaging winds. Those scare me, especially for the rabbits. Being in the path of an actual tornado - I don't even want to consider it. I'm glad your mom didn't get hit with the kind of total devastation that can happen.

Why do they round up rattlesnakes and what happens to them?


Wow. I'm so glad she's alright and that her property is in such good shape.


The strange things the people do....
It is pretty bad that they used to get 400 snakes, and now only get 11 (or so)
And the tornado devistation is pretty bad! I'm gla dthat I ma not in tornado territory

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