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June 06, 2008



I am. NOT. looking forward to summer suddenly slamming into us tomorrow (Saturday). I'm sitting here in a sweatshirt, for heaven's sake! And tomorrow's temp is supposed to hit up to 95. Yucky enough for me, but the poor rabbits! They don't do so well with that quick change, especially sky high. So - assuming I can walk tomorrow - I'll be nose checking all afternoon. I might be able to get through it without AC but I may have to turn it on in case the rabbits need emergency help. Of course, that's assuming no one weed whacked through my power source. Ha!!


Oh my! YOur morning temperature is our forecasted high for the day! Around this time of year, I am thankful to be living where I live. Not so much in January, but July around here is lovely and hot, but not too hot!
Are your tomatoes determinate or indeterminate? They are growing like crazy! My tomatoes are only about 6-8 inches high. But then again, I only planted them last weekend!


Have I ever been out of it. Great new blog look!

Our weather hasn't been any cooler here and I'm further south than you!

Your garden looks great, BTW. Love those tomatoes!

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