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July 09, 2008



Congratulations on 8 years with your titanium hip!

Kids are funny aren't they. My dad has an unusually large nose and once a kid asked him why his nose was so big. The mother (as mothers do) tried to shush him. My dad said, "It's OK, I know I have a big nose!"

I like the shark story.


Great perspective, great post....I think you're great.


I'm so glad you are better with the titanium! I think you have a good outlook on everything. Now if I ever meet you I won't have to ask what's up with your had.

By the way the couch pillow baby? SO so cute a story, not to mention the picture!


U r 2 funny! God did make you special. I hav alwyas been proud to say you are my sister. I like the new look of the blog. I haven't been on it forever! Miss you and love you!


So is there an intended pun in the subtitle of "armed with her wit and a lint roller"?

Kid's reactions: When my son was about 4 yrs. we were in the drug store, picking up a prescription. I must've been the one sick....because I remember rushing down the aisle to get out of there when we passed a woman who is a "little person". I was oblivious, but my son said just after we passed her: "Wow, that was a short one!"

I guess I didn't mind that he made the observation as much as he objectified a person....teaching him the "that" should have been "she" and the "one" should have been "she". I have no idea what that woman's reaction was....

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