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October 14, 2008



Hahaha - what a silly kitty. I once took a few boxes of assorted sizes - the biggest was one of those moving boxes for kitchen stuff, I think. You know, the kind that, once full, are too heavy to lift. LOL Anyway, back on topic: I cut doorways in assorted spots, then glued the smaller boxes inside the big one, making various levels and in and outs. I put carpet samples in, too, for comfort and a bit more stability. Made a cheap huge kitty condo. They loved it!


That was a touch of cuteness that I needed as I head to long and dull meeting. What a day, hat a day! I definately do not get paid enough to do my job.


So very cute!


Aw, too cute. We have a kitty in every box at our place too.


Awwwww...I still have moving boxes scattered about (most half full). I occassionally go hunting Radar and he is almost always nestled in one of the half full boxes. Methinks I'll be trying Chris's idea above!


Whats not to love about a fuzzy butt in a box? Bug used to sleep in an ice skate box when she was younger. But when we moved, she decided to move to the couch. Smart cat, I think.

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