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February 12, 2009



I'm totally with you on the when did it become February thing. I work so many hours I swear at least three days go by everyday.


Well. At least you're still alive. Good. :)


Being gainfully employed stinks. No time for fun, just work and more work. O happy day!


It is a shame that we have to work. Just think of all the crafty stuff you could do if you never had to work!


Where are you? Have you forgotten your avid blog readers? Just kidding! Working so hard leaves little time for fun.

Johan  of the wasted land

feb 12 last entry. dang cus. what the f. doth thou not nave time on the eve of sol, lo, ne, what hath thou dost at the hour fore the midst of night to list thine acts of of wool and linene and thy new world of the cotteon on the plain? ehhhh? oh and what hast thine friend of the man race spake on the use of free bsd on the moving frame aka unix for onceset we knew the rate of frame as given to us by The One Who is Blessed, but now there is much confusion among the tribes as they wonder through the desert. Hallowed is the coming the Equal Days.

Johan  of the wasted land

knit ye on the Sabath? Dost thou touched the wool when the Lord command thou to rest? Repent for the crisis of Davos be upon thou and thee for we are touchng too much of the fiber of the world.


Thanks "Johan" for reminding me that I am neglecting my poor blog.

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